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Cleanse, brighten, and exfoliate with this radiance-inducing body wash, which uses the revitalizing power of caffeine alongside shikimic acid, a gentle yet highly effective chemical exfoliant that boasts 10 times the biological activity of glycolic acid, to deeply nourish and visibly rejuvenate skin. Notes of bergamot, mint, ginger, and lavender stimulate the senses.


Formulated with a potent combination of chemical exfoliants, brightening agents, and stimulating botanicals, this gentle yet effective cleanser provides visible smoothing and purifying benefits as it cleanses.

Hydropeptide Glow Revive Exfoliating Body Wash 237 ml

    • Removes impurities without stripping skin of natural moisture
    • Visibly brightens and renews dull skin
    • Smooths the appearance of uneven skin texture
    • Leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated
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