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This lightweight, leave-on exfoliant partners 2% salicylic acid and potent antioxidants with our patented CellRenew-16 technology to visibly improve skin tone and texture without compromising the skin's moisture barrier.


Clarify your complexion without compromise.

We have created an advanced exfoliating solution that goes beyond surface refinement, helping to stimulate collagen, improve moisture retention and boost skin's natural defenses against oxidative stress for long-term, age-defying results.

This daily, leave-on exfoliant promotes proper, non-compromising exfoliation to increase product absorption and amplify the performance of active ingredients for maximum age-defying benefits. 

Liquid Resurfacing Solution

  • +Quickly dissolves dead skin cells and decongests pores

    +Helps balance excess oiliness

    +Visibly refines uneven skin tone + texture

    +Provides clarifying support to blemish-prone skin

    +Improves the appearance of photoaging (fine lines/wrinkles + loss of elasticity)

    +Promotes increased absorption of active ingredients


    +Uneven skin tone and texture

    +Enlarged pores

    +Excess oiliness

    +Fine lines & wrinkles

    +Blemish-prone concerns

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