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ENER Beauty also offers recruitment solutions for Day Spa, Hotel & Resort Spas, Hair Salons, Fitness & Leisure facilities and Nail Bar staff.


If you are a job seeker looking for employment or an employer seeking qualified and talented individuals, we can assist.


ENER Beauty has a huge local based and worldwide network of Industry professionals, who are both seeking talented individuals as well as candidates in search of great employers. For senior or specialist roles, if we do not have a suitable candidate on file or in our network, we will head-hunt based on your criteria. 


All candidates go through an in depth technical interview screening relevant to each individual role to ensure the right candidates are put forward for the most suitable positions. 

We understand the industry and can identify very talent quickly, saving you time.  

We take a headache out of interviewing the mass applications. 


For more info please get in touch. 

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